Solving tomorrow’s battery problems


What’s wrong with secondary batteries?

Let’s take the mystery out of battery life, shall we?

Battery Life Cycle Management

Only new batteries

“full battery health records”

BatteryCheck Certificate

Cross Sector

Pure Software

No Hardware

Circular Economy


Blockchain Verified


United Nations

Sustainable Development Goals

SDG#7 & SDG#13

BatteryCheck is like a smart watch, but instead of steps, floors and heart rate measurements, it is checking the battery, and provides 3 basic services:


Inspired by ‘tamagotchi’ – recommendations how to behave to a battery to slow down degradation and keep battery happy.

Applicable: right after battery integration


AI/ML predictions when your battery dies – ABEL indicator (Approximate Battery End of Life) leveraging blockchain for immutability and BatteryCheck certificate.

Applicable: after 6 months after battery integration


Battery Lifecycle Management – recommendations when to go 2nd life or recycling based on internal and external conditions.

Applicable: years after battery integration

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