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STiNO CMS is an all in one content management solution, which integrates with all types of displays (E-paper / Eink display, LED, LCD, etc…). Clients can create their organization’s branding and customize the templates to generate content with a simple drag & drop web interface using STiNO’s iChannel editor.

  • Interactive

  • Faster and dynamic

  • Can schedule ads for targeted audience depending the time or day

  • Increases sales

  • Reduced administration cost

Usage of STiNO Across Various Sectors and Industries

Real-Time Passenger Information

(Public Transport Station)

Every year the percentage of public transportation usage increases, and Public Transport Authorities are looking for ways to achieve Smart Transportation for their travelers.

As part of integration between STiNO and General Traffic Feed System, we are able to deliver the real-time passenger information:

  • Arrival Times

  • Departure Times

  • Previous / Next / Final Stop

  • Delays

  • Public announcements in the stations

  • Advertisement

  • Weather Forecast

  • Weather

  • Any Other Content

Smart Street Information

Nowadays, at full digitization, all cities and municipalities face many challenges as well as the increased demands of their citizens. The main deficiencies decreasing the citizens’ quality of life include the inaccessibility of information about the city, offices, hospitals, missing Internet connections and many other things.

Cities and towns are looking for efficient and affordable ways to eliminate these problems. TTI offers a way to integrate many functions into one unique platform and connected devices, to provide accurate and up-to-date information to meet the demand of the citizens. In our products, we combine STiNO platform with the latest product innovations and IoT technology that can be installed in any part of the city, municipality or in their vicinity.

With its flexibility and tailored adaptation, it can easily and effectively provide answers to a large number of questions, and thus improve the quality of life for citizens. As a result, we can deliver true smart city features, for smart citizens.

Retail Application

Every business owner needs to deliver content in an appealing way to its customers. STiNO can manage global play-outs of the content to various sizes and types of screens simultaneously. While it can display pre-created content in the form of videos, pictures or PDFs, it can also display and work with external sources of content.

Our solutions are built to last, meaning once configured, they remain to work, without any user interaction (unless the change of content is required).

Kiosks running STiNO platform can create an smooth and easy to use complementary tool for visitors of mall, cities, or stations, to not only provide the information the user is looking for but also to collect the data, if necessary. STiNO supports the following features:

  • Creating buttons

  • Playing pre-created content (JPG, PDF, MP4…)

  • Scheduling (Routine playout of desired content)

  • Take advantage of the sensor (camera) to adapt the content to the viewer (for instance, when children are nearby, commercial targeted to children will be displayed, etc…)

  • During a live event,  content can be easily managed/switched by smartphone application

  • … and many many more features 🙂

Use of STiNO Digital Signage Technology in Other Markets

Limitless Vertical Markets