Data From Sky

The next generation of monitoring technology based on the trajectories and AI

Offline Video-Analytic Services

Aerial & Light

Online Traffic Monitoring

Traffic Embedded

Turn any IP camera into a traffic sensor

Real-Time Traffic Drone

Teach drones to see and to understand image data

1st Step: Aerial Video

2nd Step: Data From Sky Service

3rd Step: Ultimate Traffic Data

Fixed CCTV

  • Traditional traffic count (OD-matrix, turning movements)
  • Ultimate Traffic Data (huge area coverage, one sensor)
  • Mixed Traffic, Congestion (high traffic flow over 10,000 vehicle per hour)
  • Pedestrians movement (study of individuals in crowds)
  • Safety Analysis of Real Traffic Data (re-think traffic safety – safety mode Data from sky SW)


  • Counting O-D Statistics
  • Detection of insufficient distance
  • detection of Speeding
  • Detection of Aggressive Driving
  • Real Time Processing
  • Easy Configuration via Remote Access